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In Addition To 23 Grand Slams, Serena Williams Achieves 100th Match Victory At 2019 U.S. Open, "I Love What I Do!"

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

That was quick!

On Day 9 in the quarterfinal round of 2019 U.S. Open, Serena Williams summarily dismissed Qiang Wang of China in 44 minutes, to the tune of 6-1, 6-0.  Ouch!

Wang clearly had a clinic run on her, however, it appears that she could use some additional weapons in
her game.  Her ability to defend Serena's tremendously offensive game was unfortunately very inept.  Given Wang's recent record, perhaps nerves or something got the better of her this evening.

This quarterfinal match acquired so much more than a spot in the semifinals against Ukrainian Elina Svitolina.  In front of a staggering crowd, celebrities and her family, Serena earned an incredible 100th match win at the U.S. Open.

"I love what I do, I love coming out in front with you guys. It's so special, I never want to let it go.

When asked if she felt like she should sing the Elton John song, "I'm Still Standing," Serena gave the interviewer a peculiar look, "Oh God, I thought you were going to ask me to sing. Listen, I'm not trying to lose fans, I'm trying to keep them on my side."

"Being American, and being able to play at your home grand slam is always interesting and fun. I grew up watching the U.S. Open and I grew up always wanting to get here and then I watched so many great champions come, and then Arthur Ashe Stadium opened and I played on it. It's like a dream come true, it's the first place I ever won one of my 23 grand slams, so it's always something special to come out on this court."

An interviewer stated, "As a parent, I've wondered if you have a new appreciation, or a deeper appreciation for what your father envisioned and the goals he set for you."

"Yeah, my Dad is amazing, personally I could never have done what he has done, not only with myself, but with Venus.  It's shocking, and as a parent, to do something every single day is very difficult, and, I can't do something with my daughter every single day.

"I remember being young, and everyday we went out and we trained and we practiced and we didn't miss a day, and to have that discipline actually makes me look at myself as a player, as a parent, and just really appreciate my dad so much more than I ever have in the past.  It just makes me see it totally different.  And, I love him to death, and he's watching all my matches, he's probably already texting me right now, like, you know Serena, you need to do this a little bit more', and I'm like okay dad I got this..."

"I'll see what he says today, but I always still take his advice. You know, he's my dad and I love him to death.


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FRENCH OPEN: Bernard Giudicelli, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" Serena Williams - Her 23 Grand Slam Titles PROVE Her Respect for the Game!!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2018

American Serena Williams at 2018 French Open in grand slam return after giving birth.

Where is Childish Gambino, I need a "This Is Tennis" track - better still, "These Are Sports"!!!

In an interview for Tennis Magazine, French Tennis Federation President Bernard Giudicelli announced that the French Open will be introducing a new, more restrictive dress code stating, ‘’I think that sometimes we’ve gone too far” and “[the catsuit] will no longer be accepted. One must respect the game and the place.’’

Wow...   Wow...   Wow...

HOW IN THE HELL DOES SERENA WILLIAMS E-A-R-N 23 Grand Slam Titles and have no respect for the game of tennis?

And if clothing is any indication of a player's respect for the game, based upon what I've seen MANY other players clothe themselves in over the years, respect would have to be absolutely the lowest rung on the ladder of respect for tennis.

The greater majority of tennis players express their individuality, fashion persuasion, culture, personal likes/dislikes, and/or support for a great number of things/issues in the outfits that they choose to wear for tennis tournaments. Yet it wasn't until the great Serena Williams graced the courts of France in an outfit that supported her grand-slam return with a two-fold purpose, that whatever bias, discriminatory beliefs, jackassness or foolishness (there's more I'm sure) that Giudicelli has towards this Queen of the game, find what is obviously deemed a legitimate opportunity to change the rules of the game in France, while accusing Serena Williams of being the impetus for the change.

Didn't like her catsuit? Ever heard of a damn cell phone? DM? Coach? Hell, a note!!

Or, was this simply an opportunity to get some conversation going with the non-great name of Bernard Giudicelli in it? Whatever the reasoning, you can rest assured that your disrespect of Serena Williams is now on the table. 


Always remember, Karma is a bonefide...!!

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