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Alright... Alright... Donald Young's Rancid Tweet Has Come And Gone, Let The Guy Move Forward

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Donald Young during first round play of 2011 Wimbledon Championships

American Donald Young, Jr. was not able to capitalize on Day 1 of his 2011 Wimbledon Championships experience, losing to fellow American Alex Bogomolov, Jr. 7-5, 4-6, 6-3, 6-1. Donald was certainly not alone, he left in the good company of all the other first round loss victims. The difference between them and the twenty-one-year-old Donald? They haven't recently taken to Twitter and unleashed a very, how shall I say... expressive opinion of their respective tennis federation.

If you follow tennis, you are well aware of the episode, its genesis, and the opinion of EVERYBODY with a microphone, a sports column, blog etc., as well as that of the United States Tennis Association (USTA). We've all chimed in, and short of being stripped of his citizenship, Donald has taken a very public lashing for the tongue lashing he gave. Accordingly, we all know that Karma is a bitch, and if Donald didn't know, he does now.

All of that said, IT'S OVA!!  There was no loss of life, no one has been deprived of their property, and we've all experienced a case of the oratorical runs, especially in our youth.

Let the Young man move forward; I'm sure if he could untweet that tweet, he would do so quick, fast and in a hurry. Give him a little bit of the Golden Rule, whether you think he extended it or not. Besides, is this how you'd want anyone to treat your barely legal son or daughter? Don't even think about it, you know you wouldn't.

Live and Let Live.

Photo by © AELTC/ M.Hangst

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