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Venus Blogs from Tokyo: Day 3

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hello again!

Well I was able to beat Vania today but things got a bit difficult towards the end. I was feeling really good at the beginning and the first set went by fast, and at that point I was playing almost perfect. But in the second set she picked up her game. She began taking her chances, taking the ball early and moving it around, trying to hit winners - she was basically making the first play before I did. But I was able to get a break and close it out. I'm very happy I was able to pull through.

Afterwards, I went to get my nails done. They're purple. They have really cool nail designs here - like flowers and jewels - but that doesn't quite function when you're out there competing. My mom has tiny diamonds on her nails now, but she isn't running back and forth on the court or anything! Just now I also checked my e-mail and I got two from Serena telling me to call her so I did, and she's asleep. It was like 10am in Europe! Anyway so I went to her website, and she'd written something on her home page about playing games in relationships. There is this place to vote for whether it's okay or not and I said yes, but apparently it was the wrong decision because everyone else is saying no. I guess I really need to come clean! I don't go on her website too much, but I did today. Then I read the story that was sort of attached to the poll, and it was about these two people, Debrah and Miachel, but I have no idea who they are! But anyway, aside from my nails, which took a couple zillion years to get done, some stretching, e-mails and lunch, that's about it for today. I don't usually eat dinner; I'm not much of an eater, I can just have some fruit. As long as I feel I've eaten enough, I'm feeling good.

So I've been hearing that some people have been wondering about how the book ended... Well, it finished about as miserably as you could imagine. And, to make things worse, it implied that the whole tale was about to start all over again with their friends who were on the hill too. Basically, I read a book that catalogues the days before their death. It was so upsetting! I'm going to write to the author and petition against the ending. He has another book but I'm not sure I should read it. I can't go through all that drama again. I need a funny book.

Apart from reading, I also like to listen to music on the road. I have my iPod with me. I'm really into house music - I like Moby, Felix da Housecat, Massive Attack, Brazilian Girls, Fatboy Slim, Zero 7, Air... I'm always trying to listen to different things. I check out internet radio a lot. I like making music too; I play guitar but I don't travel with it. Lately, I've been writing songs on GarageBand - I've always wanted to learn how to use music software. In San Diego I wrote my first song and it was house. I want to be the DJ in the club with the sunglasses on! I'm a new writer. Aside from the music, I like to keep busy with my Game Boy and my school work. I haven't done any school work today, which is most depressing.

I'm not a big TV watcher. I watch tennis - if it's on I watch it, but otherwise TV doesn't really keep me amused. I was really into the Golden Girls. My favorite character was definitely Dorothy, although Rose is fantastic, too. I love Rose. I really can't think of an episode I haven't seen. I used to watch them over and over again. This year, I've finally let go. But I'm never opposed to a rerun...

When I'm home I'm also busy with my interior design company, V Starr Interiors. It's going really well! We're wrapping up a model home in Florida, just across the street from where I live. Now that the summer is ending, we're wrapping up old jobs and starting new ones because people are moving. If you'd like to check out the company website, go to www.vstarrinteriors.com.

Tomorrow I'm playing my quarterfinal against Alicia Molik. Apparently, we have a Saturday final here, so I'm playing every day right through from now on! She is a really good player. I haven't seen her around in a little while, although she played pretty intensely against Serena at Wimbledon. But I'll just have to keep playing like I'm playing. I just have to keep on moving.

I'm eager to hear back from Serena... I want to ask her why she won as hard as she did yesterday. Other than that nothing much tonight.

Until tomorrow!




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